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How to wear Exotic Wooden Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses is not only a matter of style anymore as it was when they originated, it’s also a matter of health but also of self-expression.

Your eye wear is very strongly associated with your personality, since your glasses come in such close contact with your face, which is the body part by which most people primarily identify others. Sunglasses are a lot more liberal than normal glasses and can be worn in many different ways.

fabwoods Wooden eyewear and wooden sunglasses india

today we want to focus on something new. Usually, when you go shopping for glasses, you are asked if you want a metal or a plastic frame, but were you ever asked if you wish to buy a wooden frame? Well, this is where “exotic sunglasses” come up on stage.

There are a lot of ways you can be creative with your sunglasses, and wearing wooden frames is a good example. Fabwoods specializes in original and really stylish sunglasses with a twist.


fabwoods Wooden eyewear and wooden sunglasses india

Reasons to wear sunglasses

Here are the reasons why you should wear (exotic) sunglasses:

1. Sunglasses can be a extension of your style. The sunglasses you wear are a great accessory that you can use to your advantage. Why go for something plain when you can go for something different and original?

2. A good pair of sunglasses will protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. In case you did not know, UV rays can be responsible for cataracts, cornea damage, and other medical obstacles.

3. Wearing sunglasses, especially if you are out a lot, will keep your eyes rested. Always having the sun in your face is in the end going to make your eyes tired before you need to use them.

4. If you wear sunglasses, you can be sure they will keep your eyes moist. Normally, if we spend a lot of time in the sun, our tears will evaporate. Your eyes need their moist to function properly, so sunglasses can help your vision under intensive sunlight.

5. Sunglasses actually reduce the effect of jet lag. By reducing the sunlight that enters the eye, sunglasses trick your body into not noticing so obviously that you are moving through time zones so quickly and therefore the disruption of your biological rhythm caused by jet lag will be minimized.

6. Wearing sunglasses will help you reduce your headaches and eyestrain. If your eyes are protected from strong light, the possibility of a headache and eyestrain will lower a lot.

fabwoods Wooden eyewear and wooden sunglasses india

Clothes that match wooden frames

Because in this article, which is part one of a series on exotic sunglasses, we focus on the great idea of wooden sunglasses, we want to give you a few ideas on what to wear them with.

1. Natural goes with natural. Hand-made wooden frames go perfectly with other natural fabrics. Cotton, wool and silk make great friends with wood.

2. Wood goes with any color. Wooden sunglasses have the advantage of going with almost anything: from very bright colors that they will tone out to paler colors on which they will act as an enhancer. 

3. In our opinion, wearing such an exquisite piece can be done with a range of clothing, especially with causal and business-casual clothes.

To conclude, we can say that fabwoods wooden sunglasses are an accessory you should not lack. They are both healthy in more ways than one and at the same time they are stylish and can change your appearance without you having to change your whole wardrobe.

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