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3 Advantage of wearing Wooden Sunglasses

Apart from looking cool there are several really good reasons for wearing sunglasses.

UV light

It is proven that UV (ultraviolet) light is a contributory factor in the development of cataracts and other eye defects. All our sunglasses absorb 100% of harmful UV light, keeping your eyes safe in the sun.

fabwoods Wooden eyewear and wooden sunglasses india

Blue Light

Naturally occurring blue light in the atmosphere could cause macular degeneration in later life. Many sunglasses are particularly good at blocking out potentially harmful blue light. These sunglasses will typically have a bronze or reddish-brown tint.

fabwoods Wooden eyewear and wooden sunglasses india

Polarized Light

Polarized light occurs when ordinary sunlight reflects off a horizontal surface such as a road or the sea. This causes extreme glare conditions. ‘Ordinary’ sunglass lenses help to eliminate some of this glare, but wearing a good quality pair of polarized wooden sunglasses does a much better job. Polarizing lenses also absorb UV and, depending on the colour of the lens, blue light. Truly the Rolls Royce of sunglass lenses!

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